TEC Torque Converters are a Cut Above

The TEC brand torque converters sold by TRANSMISSION EXCHANGE CO. and included with our remanufactured transmissions are not ordinary torque converters. Though they are not rebuilt in the TRANSMISSION EXCHANGE CO. plant (the factory is about two miles away), every aspect of their remanufacture is carefully monitored by TRANSMISSION EXCHANGE CO. to exceed the standards of all other torque converters available (including new). Each unit is individually checked and tested several times along the assembly process. Tolerances are checked to very high specs . Torque converters are machined and balanced to higher standards than is normal in the industry. Pads are even machined to ensure a perfect fit. Even the new parts are checked to high quality standards. TRANSMISSION EXCHANGE CO. monitors every facet of the process to insure that a TEC brand torque converter is a cut above those offered by other brands.

TEC brand torque converters are available for nearly all models of cars and trucks.

TEC brand Utility torque converters are available for Heavy Duty applications

TEC brand Tow Matrix torque converters are available for Extreme Duty applications




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