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Tired of ordering parts for a transmission repair just to find a seal missing or a gasket wrong? That's why TRANSMISSION EXCHANGE CO. developed the TEC brand of Transmission Overhaul Kits for Standard and Automatic Transmissions. Import and Domestic.

Standard Transmission and Transfer Case Master Kits contain gaskets, seals, bearings and also small parts in most kits. Super Kits, which also include synchro rings or transfer case chain are available for most models.

Automatic Transmission Master Kits contain gaskets, seals, sealing rings, o-rings. Lip seals and steel and lined clutch plates. Super Kits, which also include filter, front band, popular bushings and modulator (when applicable) are available for most models.

Also available for many model automatics are UTILITY Super Kits for High Performance and Heavy Duty applications and TOW MATRIX Super Kits for EXTREME Duty applications.







TEC brand is the most comprehensive and highest quality line of Automatic and Manual Transmission and Transfer Case Overhaul Kits available.


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