TransGo Transmission Re-Programming Shift Kits


TransGo Kits instantly re-program automatic transmissions for high performance and durability.

Unique kits re-calibrate the transmission to shift far more efficiently.

In terms of performance and durability for an automatic transmission, the most important improvement that can be made is to re-program the Control Assemblies. These assemblies regulate the functions of the entire transmission; 95% of shift performance comes from programming. Installing a Trans-Go Re-programming Kit will instantly improve the whole personality of your GM, FORD CHRYSLER and IMPORT transmissions.

Factory programming achieves comfort.

The automatic transmissions coming off the assembly lines in Detroit and Japan are truly masterpieces of engineering. But engineers have been asked to program the shifting for smoothness and comfort. Also, consumer attitude surveys show that drivers believe a soft, smooth shift is easier on the transmission. Actually, just the reverse is true.

Picture Not AvailableTo add comfort, Automotive designers have had to subtract a considerable amount of efficiency and durability. They have achieved comfort by extending the time duration of every shift. Not only does power slip away during this extended shift, but all friction surfaces receive excessive wear because they are asked to work overtime.

The stock automatic takes longer to complete each shift. Points A to B, Figure 1 show only mild acceleration. During this period only a partial power condition exists because the friction elements are slipping.

This extended slipping time prevents the inertial energy from being efficiently utilized. It is lost in the form of heat on the clutches and bands, instead of being utilized for forward motion. Continually operating a stock automatic at full throttle will cause early friction element failure.

To get high performance and improved durability in an automatic, we must improve the way it executes every shift.

Trans-Go re-programming achieves durability and performance.

So if you are willing to accept a faster shift, which will subtract some comfort, you can restore full performance and durability. This is exactly what a Trans-Go Re-Programming Kit does for you. It makes each shift faster and more efficient. As a result, durability of the transmission is immediately doubled.

Re-Programming Goal:Make the shift faster without losing precision.

The problem now becomes clear that what we need is re-programming that will precisely control the complicated chain of events that occur during every shift and do it in a far briefer span of time.

Picture Not AvailableThis is exactly what Trans-Go has accomplished. Trans-Go kits cut slipping time by more than 70% (even more in the Competition version) and at the same time improve the quality of the shifting action itself. Figs 1 and 2 show the results.

The automatic with a re-programming kit installed now shifts fast enough to take advantage of inertial energy from rotating mass, including the inertial energy from the transmission itself. Notice also the higher speed recorded (C) as the curve leaves the chart. In driving this conversion at full throttle a sudden forward lurch can be felt when it shifts, very similar to a power-shifted 4-speed.

You get better control and back to low at any speed.

Picture Not AvailableTrans-Go kits give you more complete gear control of your transmission. Most kits offer Shift Command, a special feature of our re-programming that allows you to shift back to low at any speed! Trans-Go kits also retain fully automatic shifting in the "D" position.


As the elapsed time of shifting is decreased, the life of the transmission friction materials is increased.

Installing a Trans-Go Re-Programming kit will at least double the life of the friction materials in the transmission. In many heavy duty applications, a Trans-Go kit has made the difference between a few months service without repair and several years.

The shorter shift time allows the friction elements and gears far less time to wear themselves out. The useful life of the friction elements in a transmission is directly related to the amount of slipping that is allowed to occur during shifts.

Slipping converts useful energy to heat on the surface of the clutches and bands. This heat transforms the friction material to ash, which polishes its mating element, causing further slipping, heat and deterioration of the friction elements.

The gears receive less wear, too. A slow shift causes them to be partially engaged for a longer period during the gear changing process, resulting in unnecessary heat, wear and power loss.


Not by a long way. We have seen what can be gained in durability and performance with quicker shifts. Overlap is also extremely important. Overlap is a condition caused by applying a gear before the previous gear has been released.


Excessive overlap as seen in the Fig. 3 converts engine horsepower into damaging heat and causes clutch wear, band wear, shift delays, short oil life, and increased fuel usage.

Picture Not Available

Factory programming includes an excessive amount of overlap.

This is done purely for smoothness. Overlap causes delayed shifts. Overlap is the main cause of shift delay, or hesitation when shifting manually.

Excessive Overlap is eliminated with Trans-Go Re-Programming. The difference is felt immediately and there are substantial increases in performance, durability and fuel economy.


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