Solenoid Master Kits

      Popular Kits:


 MS-4L60E   4L60E GM Trans 1993-95      

   MS-4L60E-96   4L60E GM transmission 1996-up          

   MS-4L80E   4L80E GM transmission         

   MS4T60E   4T60E GM transaxle         

   MS-A4LD   A4LD Ford Transmission         

   MS-AODE   AOD-E / 4R70W Ford transmission 1992-95E         

   MS-AOD-E-95   AOD-E / 4R70W Ford transmission 1995L-up         

   MS-AXOD-E91   AXOD-E Ford transaxle 1991 only   (except Continental)     

   MS-AXOD-E   AXOD-E Ford transaxle 1992 up and 1991 Continental         

   MS-KM175   KM175 / Km176 / KM177 / F4A21-1 / F4A22-2 / F4A23-2 Mitsubishi transaxle thru 1992         

 MS-KM175-93   KM175 / Km176 / KM177 / F4A21-1 / F4A22-2 / F4A23-2 Mitsubishi transaxle 1993 up        

   MS-ZFHP22   4HP22 ZF transmission       

More Kits are Available!   Individual Solenoids are available for almost all model transmissions!

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