LUBEGARD automotive products, developed by International Lubricants, Inc. (ILI), are the finest high performance supplements available. ILI's patented technology is unsurpassed in quality and performance. It is a significant departure from conventional lubricants in that LUBEGARD products contain Liquid Wax Esters (LXE) derived from multiple seed oil sources, developed in conjunction with the US Department of Agriculture.

LUBEGARD technology was developed under the direction of Phillip S Landis, Ph. D., a highly distinguished research chemist who headed the Mobil Oil Applied Lubrication Research Group until his retirement in 1984. Prior to the 1972 Endangered Species Act, over 30 million pounds of sperm whale oil, and its derivatives, were used as additives in virtually all automotive lubricants. Subsequent sperm oil substitutes can burn, oxidize, pyrolize, and thin out at the elevated operating temperatures in today's high-tech vehicles. LUBEGARD'sunique proprietary products raise the thermal and oxidative stability level of any lubricant while significantly lowering elevated operating temperatures.

Independent 3rd party test results proveLUBEGARD reduces component wear by at least 50%, reduces oxygen uptake(oxidation) by 30% and reduces pentane insolubles (sludge) by 60%.

No other competitive products approach the technology and performance of LUBEGARD products.

Product's Available

  • Automatic Transmission Supplement- 60902 - for use in all automatic and heavy duty automatic transmissions. LUBEGARD raises the thermal and oxidative stability level of automatic transmission fluid so it does not thin out and oxidize at elevated temperatures. LUBEGARD extends fluid life, frees stuck valves, eliminates clutch chatter and torque converter shudder and modifies harsh shifts, preventing costly comebacks.
  • Platinum Supplement – 63010 - converts Dexron III fluid into a highly friction modified fluid or Dexron III or Mercon to Mercon V Ford modified fluid.  This provides a cost-effective alternative to using such OEM fluids as Honda Genuine, Toyota Genuine, or Chrysler 7176 fluids and Dexron III or Mercon to Mercon V Ford modified fluid. This provides a cost-effective alternative to using expensive Mercon V or HFM fluid.
  • ATF Flush & Protect Pack – 98602 – includes Automatic Transmission Supplement and Automaic Transmission Flush.
  • Gear Fluid Supplement – 30903 - is for use in all manual transmissions, transaxles and final drives. LUBEGARD provides high temperature stability to prevent coating of the synchros and gears. It prevents welding and scoring on gears with high wiping stresses. LUBEGARD decreases bearing and gear friction and reduces drive train power loss and backlash tooth drag in differentials, providing more horsepower to the wheels.
  • Dr. Tranny Assembly Goo – 19250 – provides the ‘firm tack’ needed during the assembly process.  Includes rust inhibitor, effective up to 130 degrees f, dissolves and stabilizes in ATF.   Adhesive strenth is 2.4 lbs.
  • Limited Slip Supplement - 31904 - is designed for all limited slip differentials. LUBEGARD contains a unique friction modifier to eliminate differential chatter and reduce temperature while extending clutch pack and equipment life. LUBEGARD allows the positraction unit to operate at its optimum performance level with reduced slippage while raising the thermal and oxidative stability of all positraction fluids.
  • 2 Cycle Oil – 12901 - is a premium oil designed for all two cycle engines. LUBEGARD is a high temperature lubricant that reduces friction, heat and wear. It contains an ashless formula which prevents plug fouling, port clogging and ring sticking. Additional benefits include smoother idling at lower RPM's and reduced fuel consumption. LUBEGARD stops piston and cylinder scuffing and is compatible with all 2-cycle injection systems.
  • Engine Oil Supplement – 30902 - is a high performance lubricant for use in all internal combustion engines. It is specifically formulated to minimize friction and wear and to keep the oil cooler in today's more sophisticated engines. Benefits include increased horsepower, fuel economy, and component life and extended fluid life. Lubegard blends with all motor oils and imparts a film strength to all metal surfaces to prevent metal-to-metal wear.
  • Power Steering Fluid - 20910 - is for use in all power steering pumps. LUBEGARD relieves the whine and hum of power steering units, cleans and frees-up stuck turbines and pumps and increases component life. LUBEGARD ensures a long trouble free life for the steering system.
  • Kool-It  - 96001 - is a supreme coolant treatment that is very effective in preventing electrolysis corrosion and pitting.  Extends coolant life up to five years and is safe for all cooling systems including aluminum radiators.   Prevents deposits which lead to overheating, reduces wet sleeve cylinder lining cavitations.  Works with all types of antifreeze including DEX-COOL.

Treating the total drive train with LUBEGARD will optimize the total performance of your vehicle. In addition, fuel economy will dramatically increase and reduce vehicle downtime. Independent test results and product information are available


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